# 108

Frank 50

Words and deeds make the perfect person.

One should speak well and act honorably
the one is an excellence of the head,
the other of the heart,
and both arise from nobility of soul.

Words are the shadows of deeds,
the former are feminine,
the latter masculine.

It is more important to be renowned
than to convey renown.

Speech is easy,
action hard.

Actions are the stuff of life,
words its frippery.

Eminent deeds endure,
striking words pass away.

Actions are the fruit of thought,
if this is wise- they are effective.
Baltasar Gracian

Also on stage were:

  • The Singing Painters
  • The Alzheimers

All together finished of with a stunning version of Sympathy for the Devil.

in De Kroon, Kerkstraat 91, Antwerpen, Belgium.