Club Moral is an organisation founded by artists Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (AMVK) and Danny Devos (DDV) on 1 January 1981 in Antwerpen, Belgium.

From 1981 until 1987 Club Moral acted as both a venue and performance band. Club Moral the venue was in Antwerpen where numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and film-shows were organized. Club Moral the band had its first performance on 19 September 1981.

As a venue, the first documented show at Club Moral took place on 19 June 1981 and featured Etat Brut performing live with DDV and Mécanique Végétale.

Club Moral continued to both perform and act as a venue through 1987. Acts that have performed at Club Moral have included Claude, Guy Cassiers, Kwajongens in Bloei, ProduKtion, Boyd Rice (NON), Michael Moynihan (Coup De Grace), Culturcide, Con-Dom, Slave State, John Duncan, Jack Stevenson and many, many more.

Since 1983 they published a magazine Force Mental of which 15 issues have appeared in print. A sixteenth issue was published on the internet in 2004 and a 'Force Mental RVSTD' facsimile edition of all issues was printed in 2010.