CM003 / Mit Neuen Waffen

Re-release of the 1983 Club Moral cassette by Trash Ritual.

  1. Oorlog
  2. In Tirol
  3. Exces Kontrol
  4. The Birds are Singing in the Sy and the Fish are Swimming in the Sea
  5. Interludium
  6. I Like it in Here
  7. Short Intro
  8. Oorlog
  9. Eating Limbs
  10. Tarzan Mark
  11. Lonely Weekends
  12. Calypso Rhythm
  13. Gastric Ulcer
  14. Da Beeleke
  15. Exces Kontrol
  16. Poem
  17. Trabant
  18. Short Outro

All tracks recorded on a plain cassette deck except all live tracks which were recorded on a Sony Walkman.

  • Track 01 was recorded live 24 October 1981 in a squat project by Votnik (aka V-Side) called 'Autonomia'.
  • Track 03 features a broken FBT synth borrowed from Raf Bauwens.
  • Track 06 was also used as a soundtrack for an AMVK-installation.
  • Track 07 was written by - δ t
  • Tracks 08 - 15 were recorded live on 17 July 1982 in Budapest. The concert was in an exhibition '4 Landscapes' by Janos Veto in the artist village Szentendre, next to Budapest. The gallery was in an underground basement, completely carved into the rock of the mountaineaous area. The only sound equipment available was a Hi-Fi system. We plugged the Wasp in the phono input, threw some cassettes inbetween and DDV used a wooden stick as microphone.
  • Track 14 features the voice and laugh of Guy Cassiers.
  • Track 16 was written and read by Gyuri Kozma.
  • Track 17 was written and performed by Janos Veto's band Trabant.
  • Track 18 was written by - δ t.