CM018 / A Sound Atlas of Venereology

Re-release of the 1982 DDV cassette by Trash Ritual. 'A Sound Atlas of Venereology' by DDV is based on the medical book 'A colour atlas of Venereology' by Anthony Wisdom in the Wolfe Medical Atlases series, published in 1973. DDV bought it in the late 70s, it is now out of print and a collector's item.
All tracks are by DDV, performed on Wasp and Korg MS50 synth, and recorded in Club Moral in summer 1982 on a plain stereo cassettedeck with no remixing or mastering. On some tracks sound samples from the movie 'Possession' (1981) by Andrzej Zulawski (recorded in a movie theatre) are used.
The original edition came as a cassette with no cover, in a plastic bag with a booklet. The booklet contained the lyrics to all the tracks, and a selection of pictures. The cover of the booklet had a colour picture, cut from another medical book. All the lyrics are from 'A colour atlas of Venereology' and another fairly old German medical book. Unfortunately we don't have any of the booklets left, and even the original mastercopies seem to have gone astray. The German medical book was used in an artwork by DDV and might have gone astray as well.