It does not matter what is said and done
The eyes have it.
The mind's legislative faculty
Is unconcerned with appearances and words
Nothing is over and done with.
Not even your malice
Especially your malice.
So do not apologize to me.

I have walked stooped beneath your heart,
The cold-blooded crown
That holds the glinting jewel
Of contradiction in your eyes.

I think that I shall gouge them
From your skull
And crush them in my fist

- Give you a dog to see with
Give you eyes that pant and salivate,
Eyes that creep on all fours -
Eyes that cringe at the sound of my voice,
Lie to me then.
Tell me life is good to you
- When all your memories are distilled
Into the transformed image, the Idea.
Of a mechanical hand reaching
To dig out your eyes.
Lie to me then.
Lie to me then, Dog-eyes.
Lie to me then.

[written by Jack Henry Abbott]